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Learning Access Suite

Learning Access Suite

Comprehensive Home and Classroom Solution

The Claro Learning Access Suite is the leading powerful solution for learners and educators. It delivers inclusivity through assistive technology for the entire classroom. It is the classroom solution for individual abilities.

What is the Learning Access Suite?

The Learning Access Suite is the most comprehensive software package, delivering universal access, support and development for the entire classroom. A unique collection of 6 key study skills support tools brought together to create the ideal education suite include:

  • ClaroRead Standard Reading and writing support. Reads practically any on-screen text out loud, and is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Word
  • Claro Ideas Concept and idea mapping. An easy to use tool to support the creation and editing of concept or idea maps using visual and audio components.
  • Claro Capture Captures text, images and audio. Captures text, images, screenshots, files, recordings and references and compiles them into one single, handy project file.
  • Oska Word Banks Word bank creation tool. Word banks are good tools for sentence building where vocabulary is predictable and defined or limited.
  • Screen Ruler Coloured reading ruler. Strip or ruler across the screen, which can have the contrast changed and have the background greyed, coloured or dimmed out.
  • Screen Marker On-screen marker images. Screen Marker provides on-screen marker images allowing areas of the screen to be highlighted.

How do classrooms benefit?

The Learning Access Suite is the classroom solution to individual abilities. Classrooms benefit from an added dimension of learning and development support. Utilising the Learning Access Suite in your classroom:

  1. Creates a more inclusive engagement for learners
  2. Allows learners with and without disabilities, the access to develop their skills and the confidence to reach their full potential
  3. Provides educators with the means to support their students more effectively, especially in a classroom with a wide spectrum of mixed abilities
  4. Is popular for teaching English as a second language

The Learning Access Suite provides many benefits in the classroom. Ultimately it achieves success by delivering a more inclusive curriculum that meets the needs of a wide spectrum of individual abilities in the classroom.


Microlink is the Europe’s largest provider of Assistive Technology and disability related solutions. We have been working in education over the past 20 years and have delivered support to over 180,000 students, and we established ourselves in South Africa since 2008.

  • Dedicated technical support and training
  • Specialist peripherals and advice
  • Customisation to deliver the Learning Access Suite to meet the individual needs of your classrooms

On-site training

Optional extras including licenses and support for Dragon speech recognition software, and a home user version of the Learning Access Suite

Free school trial

Schools can try out the Learning Access Suite for free. See how it provides students with greater confidence, more engagement and ultimately better results in their work. Teachers will experience greater time for the entire classroom, as the Learning Access Suite delivers continuous one-to-one support for every user.

Have a look at our brochure for more information on the Learning Access Suite and how it can deliver a modern and inclusive classroom, feel free to contact us.

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