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Disability Labs

Disability Labs

Schoolwide Solutions

As well as our complete end-to-end disability solution, we provide a comprehensive disability lab for FET colleges and universities.

The disability labs provide a unique environment where learners with a spectrum of disabilities and/or difficulties can utilise a range of Assistive Technology to support them throughout their course. They can also be used for screening and assessments, as well as testing areas during exam periods if necessary.

Our standard disability lab consists of 11 computers, equipped with a range of Assistive Technology, including:

  • Braille machines and printers
  • Blind scanners
  • Deaf communication devices
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech-to-text software
  • Ergonomic keyboards, mice and chairs
  • Height adjustable desks

The labs are commonly situated in the library, however, the location of a lab is flexible.

The benefits of the openness of the lab are that both learners with diagnosed disabilities and/or difficulties, and learners looking for support can utilise the valuable facilities.

Furthermore, disability labs allow and open access to disability support tools that learners without a diagnosed disability, have the opportunity to utilise and see how they could potentially increase their productivity.

In addition, with an assessment facility the disability lab, supports learners in identifying potential learning difficulties and/or disabilities. This creates an environment whereby the College or University can more effectively support their existing and future learners.

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