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About Us

About Us


Our vision is one of Universal Inclusivity. Empowering individuals with or without disabilities to connect, access and achieve their full potential. It is the future we are driving toward and the reason we exist.


Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations through the provision of the most innovative and appropriate Assistive Technology solutions at any point in their journey, allowing them to connect with, access and achieve their true potential.


Microlink is Europe’s largest multi-award winning provider of Assistive Technology and disability solutions. Since 1992 we have supported in excess of 200,000 people with disabilities in education and work environments. We are the pioneers of the inclusivity industry, with our multi-award winning services supporting individuals in education and work environments. We have been operating in South Africa since 2008.

Over the past 20 years our work in education has seen us support in excess of 180,000 students through primary, secondary and higher education to successfully achieve their true potential through Assistive Technology. In recent years we have done the same for numerous FTSE 100 companies, allowing them to achieve a competitive advantage.

Our pioneering work has been recognised through awards including, most recently, first in Disability Matters Europe, Disability Champion 2012 and first in the Disability Standard award 2012, where we were valued amongst FTSE 100 organisations.

We strongly believe in supporting educators. Providing educators with the resources to help them empower their learners and create an inclusive classroom. Through Assistive Technology, inclusive classrooms deliver a wider scope of development for learners with different learning styles, allowing them to harness their skills and ultimately become more employable for the future.

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